Wedding draping, chiavari chairs, chair cover rentals for weddings and events

Looking for a company that can give you the event you always dreamed of?  Wedding and Events Decor is here for you, and excited to help. We love what we do and we feel that it shows in our work. We take great pride in our draping giving you a soft romantic feel to your room. We can start with a backdrop behind the head table then move to the ceiling and if that isn’t enough we will do the whole room. Your guests will be amazed. We can also drape a beautiful ceremony site. We can do that with our fancy arbor or possibly an arbor that you have personalized yourself. We would be happy to add the finishing touches. Have you thought of draping for a head table? That makes that area special and sets it apart from the rest of the room.  The head table draping with chiavari chairs is absolutely beautiful.



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Wedding and Events Decor would like to wish all of our new Brides /Grooms a Happy New Year. We are excited to meet all the wonderful couples who are tying the knot in 2018.

We have all you need to make a fabulous and memorable event.  We love doing full length linens in tents, residential properties and barns. They add a finished look all their own with a simple runner/ overlay and a few flowers or garland with tons of flowers your guest tables will keep your guests talking about you event for years to come.

We also love mixing it up with draping. We have a lot of options but would also like to hear your vision and inspiration to tailor your event to your vision. It will change the event more than you can imagine.

Chiavari chairs are also a must have with your choice of color. We have several colors from the flashy gold chiavari chairs, to the glowing silver to the more subdued mahogany. Chiavari chairs are the perfect complement to our draping and linens.

If you are interested in any of these items please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would love to talk with you and make your dream day come true. Please call us at 616-837-9706,or email us at


Best place to rent chiavari chairs in Grand Rapids and surrounding area

Looking for beautiful wooden chiavari chairs? We have wooden chiavari chairs in near pristine condition. We handle all of our own chairs so we can control the condition of our chiavari chairs. If we see something that makes the chairs less than perfect we take that particular chiavari chair out of service until it is refinished and back to the high standards of our company.  So no need to worry about the condition of our chairs they are all in near perfect condition. The mahogany chiavari chairs are a true mahogany color with a high gloss finish. They are not fruit wood chairs the rental company is trying to pass off as a mahogany chiavari chair. You are always welcome to come and see our chairs so you know what you are getting on your special day. No surprises with WED. Give us a call we would love to hear from you. 616-837-906 or

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Why buy when you can rent: Draping / Linens / chair covers in Grand Rapids and surrounding area

If you are planning an event wedding or graduation or any special occasion it may be easier and fiscally responsible to rent rather than own. WED can help with that. . We will take care of all of the heavy lifting for you. We offer full length linens and chair covers. Why buy when you can rent. If you think purchasing your own linens is a savings you are forgetting all the time it will take to iron those linens before your event. The linens are huge and cumbersome. Who wants to do the wash with all the stains and scrubbing after the event. If you are considering event draping. We have all the fabric and draping supplies you would need to put your event over the top. If you were to buy all the fabric required to do some simple draping elements it would cost a fortune just in the cost of fabric alone, not to mention the time it takes to install and tear down. You could be spending that valuable time with your family and friends. Your guests travel so far for such a wonderful occasion it would be a shame.  So we have taken all the hard work out of it for you. Give us a call and we would love to talk to you about your options.


Chiavari chairs V.S Banquet chairs

Are you having a problem fitting a large number of guests into a smaller venue using the venues banquet chairs?  Consider checking into renting chiavari chairs which have a smaller foot print than traditional banquet and garden chairs. So you would be able to fit more guests around a table without your guests feeling crowded. The chairs have a dainty, elegant look. They are used for special occasions from the Grammys to Dancing with the Stars. They are like shinny jewels in the room. So if you are short on space at your venue check into renting chiavari chairs for your event. You will not be disappointed on the elegance they bring as well as functionality. They are also very comfortable. Sweet Seats offers beautifully maintained chiavari chairs in several colors. Give us a call we would love to give you information on our several colors and availability of our chiavari chairs.


Chair Cover rental in black, white and ivory Grand Rapids Michigan

Chair covers can transform your ugly event chairs to be a clean elegant look. The chair covers convert your wedding and event from a banquet to special event. It will brighten the room and personalize your event. It will reflect the brides and grooms personality. You can choose the sash of your choice. Wedding and events décor has over 80 sash choices. I’m sure you will be able to find something that will compliment your décor.  We can do white and brighten the room or black and have a formal black tie look. Wedding and Events Décor also has ivory which is a popular color for events this year. So feel free to give us a call. We can cover several different banquet chair and specialty chairs. If you are thinking of having your event at the zoo give us a call we can cover their chairs as well. Check out the zoo as a venue we have their website as


Chiavari chairs, Chair Covers, Linens, wedding and event draping

If you are having a wedding or event in Traverse City, Michigan or the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. We are here for you. We offer linens, chiavari chairs and also provide exceptional draping (backdrops, ceiling draping) for the Traverse City and Grand Rapids area. If you are looking for specialty linens give us a call we would love to give you a quote on all your event needs. We can be a one stop shop for all your décor needs. The Grand Rapids area please contact Wedding and Events Décor at If you are north of that in the Traverse City area contact Sweet Seats at We would love to help bring your event to the next level.


Chiavari Chair rental in Traverse City and Grand Rapids area of Northern Michigan

Chiavari chairs have become very popular for weddings and special events. We are happy to say that we do carry the chairs for rent. If you are having your event in the Traverse City area please contact Sweet Seats. We are a rental company that serves northern lower Michigan. Our web site is If you are looking for a great rental company on the western edge of Michigan, feel free to contact our sister location, Wedding and Events décor. They are located in Spring Lake Michigan. Their website is  We both have chiavari chairs in silver, gold and mahogany. They are in impeccable shape. Feel free to contact us through our website. We would be happy to assist you.


What are Chiavari Chairs?

Chiavari chairs are a bamboo style chair that was created in Europe. The have a delicate look and a smaller foot print than most banquet chairs or folding chairs. They have bamboo style rungs both vertical and horizontal on the chair. They have several very intricate rungs on the back of the chair that make the look appealing. The chairs were traditionally made in wood. However with today’s technology they are made out of plastic now. The plastic model of the chiavari chair does not recreate the wood grain in the chair. This can become very important in chairs that you are looking for an unpainted version and looking for a lighter wood finish. You will not see any grain it would look like a painted chair in that color. The chairs do come in many different colors. We carry the chairs in silver, gold, and mahogany.  Those are the most popular colors that you will see at special events.


What is Wedding Draping?

Wedding Draping is using a very sheer and lightweight fabric to cover the walls, or provide a backdrop covering unsightly areas of a venue. You can cover and create a very elegant look for your event by using draping. Draping can also be used on the ceiling. It will soften a harsh industrial look and it will also lower some of the very tall ceilings. It really changes the look of the room and brings your eye up when your taking in the look of the whole room. Draping comes in many different colors. White and ivory are the standard. However, black has also been used behind stages and D.J stands to create a clean look. There are many brides that may prefer to have more than one color of drape in their wall drapery which would make a focal point in the room. Draping will really bring your event to the next level. It is gorgeous and impressive.