Chiavari chairs V.S Banquet chairs

Are you having a problem fitting a large number of guests into a smaller venue using the venues banquet chairs?  Consider checking into renting chiavari chairs which have a smaller foot print than traditional banquet and garden chairs. So you would be able to fit more guests around a table without your guests feeling crowded. The chairs have a dainty, elegant look. They are used for special occasions from the Grammys to Dancing with the Stars. They are like shinny jewels in the room. So if you are short on space at your venue check into renting chiavari chairs for your event. You will not be disappointed on the elegance they bring as well as functionality. They are also very comfortable. Sweet Seats offers beautifully maintained chiavari chairs in several colors. Give us a call we would love to give you information on our several colors and availability of our chiavari chairs.