What are Chiavari Chairs?

Chiavari chairs are a bamboo style chair that was created in Europe. The have a delicate look and a smaller foot print than most banquet chairs or folding chairs. They have bamboo style rungs both vertical and horizontal on the chair. They have several very intricate rungs on the back of the chair that make the look appealing. The chairs were traditionally made in wood. However with today’s technology they are made out of plastic now. The plastic model of the chiavari chair does not recreate the wood grain in the chair. This can become very important in chairs that you are looking for an unpainted version and looking for a lighter wood finish. You will not see any grain it would look like a painted chair in that color. The chairs do come in many different colors. We carry the chairs in silver, gold, and mahogany.  Those are the most popular colors that you will see at special events.